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CareTalk Health is a Clinical Process Outsourcing (CPO) company that drives business success by delivering virtual health solutions nationwide, with services that can be Medicare-billed when applicable.

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The types of companies that can benefit from CareTalk Health’s solutions are endless. The need for Virtual Clinicians to monitor, prescribe, or confirm a diagnosis is vital to many organizations and that number continues to grow. Below are just a few of the ways CareTalk Health works with organizations today.

Lifestyle Medications

Connecting you directly to your customer

Our network of expert clinicians enables prescription lifestyle medication companies to sell directly to consumers and provide exceptional follow-up support.

Medical Devices

Your patients deserve a human touch. Outsource Remote Monitoring to us.

We leverage the human touch to provide better Remote Monitoring (RPM) outcomes through continuous monitoring and improved chronic condition management.`


Outsource reimbursable programs and screenings to us.

We help pharmacies not just survive, but thrive, by identifying additional reimbursable programs and screenings, thereby opening up new revenue opportunities and fostering a sense of financial optimism.

Payers/Health Systems

Your chronic care patients will love talking to us.

We provide proactive health solutions by reducing costs, expanding reach, enhancing patient/member value, and increasing personalized patient/member care that prevents hospitalization.

Patients Love Us

CareTalk Health has been a lifesaver! They genuinely care about my well-being, ensuring I take my medication correctly. Their support has transformed my health management and reduced my doctor visits. CareTalk has helped me take charge of my health, and I feel fantastic!

I was very impressed with my CareTalk doctor. They were incredibly thorough and kind. CareTalk delivers excellent value with efficient, high-quality service. The nurses and doctors are very professional and insightful, making me feel heard. Plus, it's completely free – what a fantastic benefit!

As a long-haul COVID patient, managing my health can be a challenge sometimes, especially with memory issues. But thanks to CareTalk Health, I have a fantastic doctor who helps me stay on track. They make sure I understand my medications and even send reminders, which is a huge weight off my shoulders. It's one less thing for my daughter to worry about, and that gives me so much peace of mind.

CareTalk Health has been fantastic! They're incredibly proactive in checking in on me, which gives me peace of mind knowing my blood pressure is being monitored. My nurse feels more like a trusted friend than just a medical professional – I feel comfortable talking to her about anything. It's clear they truly care about my well-being and have my best interests at heart. They always listen attentively to my concerns. Plus, the convenience of calling anytime with a question and knowing someone will be readily available is amazing!

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